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Jinzhou Tiansheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Leads the transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing with technological innovation

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Among more than 300 employees, there are more than 100 middle and senior professional and technical personnel;

Nearly 10 million yuan of scientific research funding is invested each year, with a number of independent intellectual property rights;

Build an electric furnace "aircraft carrier" and strive to become a world-class product, with products exported to Kazakhstan, Iran and other countries;

The only unit in the same industry with civil engineering and steel structure construction capabilities...

Walking into Jinzhou Tiansheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., the provincial May 1st labor award unit located in the Goubangzi Provincial Economic Development Zone, discussing with the head of the company and communicating with ordinary employees, what I feel is the strong atmosphere of innovation of the company. Here, technological innovation has become everyone's consensus and a source of endless power for the development of enterprises.

Professional manufacturing, diversified development

After years of development, Jinzhou Tiansheng Heavy Industry has established its main business based on the manufacturing of submerged arc furnaces, with multiple subsidiaries including equipment manufacturing, environmental protection dust removal, drying kilns, electric power appliances, engineering installation, civil engineering and steel structure construction The group's products are widely used in chemical, metallurgy, steel, building materials and other industries. It has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and a provincial-level enterprise technology center in Liaoning Province. It has contributed to the revitalization of the old industrial base and the support of the national energy conservation and environmental protection strategy. .

Tiansheng Heavy Industry Union gathered a group of well-known experts in industrial furnaces at home and abroad to build a complete product research and development system. The 63MVA large-scale enclosed calcium carbide furnace independently researched and developed is the first in China, with independent intellectual property rights and a number of patents, and was included in the country's first A set of guidelines for the promotion and application of major technical equipment has broken the long-term foreign monopoly on super-large calcium carbide furnaces. The carbon material vertical drying kiln is independently developed and manufactured by the company, which reduces the pulverization rate of carbon material drying to below 3% and solves the problem of high carbon material damage rate. The self-developed ring bucket distributor completely solves the problem of material segregation on the top of the furnace, and has the advantages of low equipment operation failure rate and good environmental protection and dust removal effect. In recent years, Jinzhou Tiansheng Heavy Industry has owned a number of R&D patents, which has promoted the innovation and development of the industry.

Seize the opportunity to enter the world

At the historical moment of comprehensive economic transformation and upgrading, Jinzhou Tiansheng Heavy Industry relied on the company's cooperation with large international electric furnace manufacturers for many years, giving full play to its advantages, entering the international market, and actively participating in the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative. At present, the company has signed eight 33MVA aluminum silicon electric furnace projects with the National Mineral Resource Center of Kazakhstan, and signed two 63MVA ferrosilicon electric furnace projects with Georgian Qiertu Co., Ltd.

Led by the core technology of electric furnaces, the company develops the domestic market in an all-round way. All 14 40.5MVA enclosed calcium carbide furnaces of Inner Mongolia Yidong Group Chemical Co., Ltd. contracted by Tiansheng Heavy Industry were put into use. The four 40.5MVA enclosed calcium carbide furnaces contracted for the first phase of Shaanxi Jinyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. have all been put into use, and the construction of two enclosed calcium carbide furnaces of the second phase has been completed in the form of general contract. In the past few years, Tiansheng Heavy Industry's products have covered Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Anhui, Yunnan and other places, and won the title of "Advanced Enterprise and Most Innovative Enterprise in China's Machinery Industry" and "Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise in Liaoning Province" "Jinzhou Meritorious Enterprise" and many other provincial and municipal awards, were included in the "13th Five-Year Plan" key enterprise of science and technology development by the Jinzhou Municipal Government. In 2017, the company bucked the trend and achieved an output value of 248 million yuan, a tax of 11.2 million yuan, and a profit of more than 7.55 million yuan.

Actively build a harmonious home for workers

The trade union of an enterprise is a bridge for communication between the company and its employees. The company must develop, the enterprise must be harmonious, the union organization must be sound, and the party, government and workers must work together to manage. Over the past few years, with the strong support of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Tiansheng Heavy Industry has given full play to the role of the trade union and actively built a harmonious home for workers.

The company adheres to the principle of "employees". All employees who have signed labor contracts with the company have developed into union members, whether they are formal or labor workers, and are united in the big family of "union". Persist in broadening the communication channels between management and employees, strengthen democratic management, and establish a system for protecting the rights and interests of employees. By holding face-to-face talks between the leadership team and employee representatives, etc., timely solicit employees' opinions and suggestions on the company's production and operation and employee benefits. Carry out the activities of proposing rationalized suggestions, and give certain material rewards to good rationalized suggestions, which provides a decision-making basis for the company's sustainable and healthy development.

Under the organization of the labor union, Tiansheng Heavy Industry has carried out scientific and technological innovation activities among its employees. Small creations and small inventions have emerged one after another, which reflects the spirit of innovation and hard work of Tiansheng people. The environment of the factory workshop is cleaner and cleaner than before, and the sense of responsibility of the employees has also increased. Liu Cheng, the leader of the cutting team, carefully studied the technology, carefully planned the cutting, and did not waste every piece of material. Liu Xiaolong, the leader of the welding team, led the team to successfully complete the production of 80 transformers. Tiansheng Heavy Industry has formed the concept of "employees rely on enterprises to establish business, and enterprises rely on employees for development". We take the initiative to work overtime to ensure the construction period. Employees take the initiative to participate in the democratic management of the enterprise, and the sense of mission of the employees of private enterprises as masters of the country has been continuously strengthened.

At the same time, the company has strengthened management in terms of employee culture, employee life, service mechanism, quality improvement, safety system, team management, etc., established employee service assistance stations, and established employee files in difficulties, which reflects the warmth of the Tiansheng family. Embark on the road of healthy and harmonious development.

Looking forward to the future, the person in charge of Tiansheng Company stated that the company will rely on the national industrial policy and closely focus on the grand goal of "building an electric furnace aircraft carrier, striving to become a world-class", make the company bigger and stronger, and make new contributions to the city's economic development.