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Lessons from the flash explosion accident of calcium carbide furnace, pay close attention to post-holiday safety production-china coal (coal mine) news network

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Shaanxi Coal Shenmu Coal Chemical Energy Company held a special meeting to earnestly learn from the lessons of the space flash explosion accident in the calcium carbide furnace No. 5 of the calcium carbide division of Xinjiang Yihua Chemical Co., Ltd., Changji Prefecture, Xinjiang Autonomous Region, and pay close attention to safety after the holiday. To

At the meeting, the Safety Production and Environmental Protection Department of Shaanxi Coal and Shenmu Coal Chemical Energy Company first notified the cause and course of the accident and the serious consequences that caused 2 deaths, 3 serious injuries, and 5 minor injuries on the spot, and required all branches to hold special meetings. To earnestly learn from accident experience and lessons, we must always tighten the string of safety production, be highly vigilant, learn from one another, seize the weak links, further carry out safety production inspections, effectively enhance the red line awareness, resolutely curb accidents, and protect the lives of employees . One is to earnestly organize the study of accident notifications to further learn the lessons of accidents. In particular, the electrochemical branch should use the time of the pre-class meeting to organize all employees to study accident notifications, raise awareness, recognize the situation, perform due diligence, and earnestly do the current safety production work. The second is to carry out a solid production safety inspection. Each branch company should attach great importance to safety inspections, strengthen organization and leadership, and hold special meetings to study safety production inspections. On the basis of carrying out safety inspections, mobilize, deploy and arrange again. The party and government leaders of each branch company must personally lead the team, and the management personnel of each department, workshop, team will go to the site to push the safety production inspection work in depth. The focus is on the safety and environmental protection department of each branch company and the company's production safety and environmental protection department to do a good job of safety production Inspection, supervision and management. In particular, the Electrochemical Branch must carefully inspect every link of the production process and carry out risk analysis activities in real time. The hidden dangers identified must be rectified immediately, and the equipment will never be allowed to operate with diseases. The third is to strengthen the rectification of hidden dangers. Each branch company earnestly strengthened the organization and leadership of the rectification of hidden accidents, strictly in accordance with the requirements of the "five implementation" of rectification of hidden accidents, clarified responsibilities, guaranteed funds, formulated plans, implemented measures, and rectified within a specified time. It is strictly forbidden to organize production before the rectification of major hidden dangers is completed. The fourth is to further strengthen the safety management of the first-phase desulfurization construction and trial run. Clean Energy Power Generation Branch's first phase of desulfurization enters the construction and trial production period. It must strictly implement the main person in charge and professional and technical personnel follow-up and shift system, keep abreast of process changes and equipment operation conditions, and deal with abnormal situations in time. Drive. The safety of the installation of the 1# desulfurization tower is the responsibility of the engineering department in conjunction with the supervision company and Jiangnan Environmental Protection. The trial production safety of the desulfurization 2# tower is the responsibility of the clean energy power generation branch and the company’s production and environmental protection department. The fifth is to strengthen employee safety education during special periods. Although the season has entered spring, the weather is still cold, which has a certain impact on personnel operations. In order to reduce the working time in cold weather, some employees often confirm that the work is not in place and the quality of work cannot be guaranteed, which may lead to accidents. happened. In addition, when the Spring Festival holiday was just taken, there are some friendships between employees and relatives and friends. Some employees may go to work after drinking, get tired, or get together with relatives and friends to bring about ideological fluctuations, which affects their attention at work. At the same time, every year after the Spring Festival, there is a period of frequent personnel turnover, which has a certain impact on the attention of personnel at work. Therefore, in addition to strengthening daily safety production education, more attention should be paid to safety production training for returning to work after the holiday, promptly reminding employees to take care of the work after the holiday, to prevent employees from being paralyzed after the holiday, and returning to normal work as soon as possible. To

   Safe production has only a starting point, no end. At present, the cadres at all levels of Shaanxi Coal and Shenmu Coal Chemical Energy have combined their actual conditions to earnestly study the spirit of the Workers’ Congress of the Group Company and Shenmu Coal Chemical Industry Company, the 2017 Working Conference, and the Safety Work Conference, and strictly implement the main responsibility of the enterprise, without compromising, leaving no dead ends Do not go through the scene, highlight the safe and stable operation of the device, and strive to achieve production and efficiency, improve quality and efficiency, so as to achieve tangible operating results and ensure the smooth completion of various tasks throughout the year.