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  • The construction of China's industrial furnace industrial base in Beizhen City has achieved remarkable results-China's industrial furnace industrial base


    After more than three years of meticulous construction, the construction of China's industrial furnace industrial base in Tienan Industrial Park, Goubangzi Economic Development Zone, Beizhen City has achieved remarkable results. Jinzhou Tiansheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is the leader, supporting R&D center, logistics center and electric furnace main body The large-scale industrial clusters integrating industrial furnace R&D, production, and parts manufacturing in the production area, accessory accessory production area, and electric power appliance production area have become an important support for the economic development of Beizhen City. As a leading enterprise in the industrial furnace industry in Beizhen City, Jinzhou Tiansheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has the internationally leading industrial furnace production core technology, and has developed a large number of customers in Shanxi, Shaanxi, Yunnan and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Since its establishment, the company has been in existence for 3 consecutive years. It installs and produces more than 10 industrial calcium carbide furnaces every year, and pays more than 10 million yuan in taxes. It has become the most powerful industrial furnace manufacturer in my country. In 2013, a large-scale coal chemical enterprise with an annual production capacity of 500,000 tons of calcium carbide and 80,000 tons of coal tar. After a detailed market survey, Shaanxi Jinyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. was selected by Tiansheng Heavy Industry's world-class industrial production and installation technology. The company’s 63,000 kilowatt calcium carbide furnace construction project was handed over to Jinzhou Tiansheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. At present, the civil engineering of the calcium carbide furnace has been completed, and the furnace body is in production and installation. It is expected to be put into production in October this year. It is reported that the 63,000 kilowatt calcium carbide furnace of Shaanxi Jinyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. undertaken by Jinzhou Tiansheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is currently the only calcium carbide furnace exceeding 60,000 kilowatts in China and the largest calcium carbide furnace in China. After the project is completed, it will be greatly improved. The production capacity of an enterprise brings huge benefits to the enterprise. Jinzhou Tiansheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. successfully produced and installed a 63,000 kilowatt calcium carbide furnace, marking that Tiansheng Heavy Industry’s industrial furnace production technology has reached the international leading level, and also marking the achievements in the construction of the Chinese industrial furnace industrial base in Beizhen City. It will further enhance the visibility of Jinzhou Tiansheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and Beizhen City China Industrial Furnace Industrial Base, and lay a solid foundation for the early establishment of a tens of billions of industrial furnace industrial clusters.

  • Jinzhou Tiansheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Leads the transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing with technological innovation


    Among more than 300 employees, there are more than 100 middle and senior professional and technical personnel; Nearly 10 million yuan of scientific research funding is invested each year, with a number of independent intellectual property rights; Build an electric furnace "aircraft carrier" and strive to become a world-class product, with products exported to Kazakhstan, Iran and other countries; The only unit in the same industry with civil engineering and steel structure construction capabilities... Walking into Jinzhou Tiansheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., the provincial May 1st labor award unit located in the Goubangzi Provincial Economic Development Zone, discussing with the head of the company and communicating with ordinary employees, what I feel is the strong atmosphere of innovation of the company. Here, technological innovation has become everyone's consensus and a source of endless power for the development of enterprises. Professional manufacturing, diversified development After years of development, Jinzhou Tiansheng Heavy Industry has established its main business based on the manufacturing of submerged arc furnaces, with multiple subsidiaries including equipment manufacturing, environmental protection dust removal, drying kilns, electric power appliances, engineering installation, civil engineering and steel structure construction The group's products are widely used in chemical, metallurgy, steel, building materials and other industries. It has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and a provincial-level enterprise technology center in Liaoning Province. It has contributed to the revitalization of the old industrial base and the support of the national energy conservation and environmental protection strategy. . Tiansheng Heavy Industry Union gathered a group of well-known experts in industrial furnaces at home and abroad to build a complete product research and development system. The 63MVA large-scale enclosed calcium carbide furnace independently researched and developed is the first in China, with independent intellectual property rights and a number of patents, and was included in the country's first A set of guidelines for the promotion and application of major technical equipment has broken the long-term foreign monopoly on super-large calcium carbide furnaces. The carbon material vertical drying kiln is independently developed and manufactured by the company, which reduces the pulverization rate of carbon material drying to below 3% and solves the problem of high carbon material damage rate. The self-developed ring bucket distributor completely solves the problem of material segregation on the top of the furnace, and has the advantages of low equipment operation failure rate and good environmental protection and dust removal effect. In recent years, Jinzhou Tiansheng Heavy Industry has owned a number of R&D patents, which has promoted the innovation and development of the industry. Seize the opportunity to enter the world At the historical moment of comprehensive economic transformation and upgrading, Jinzhou Tiansheng Heavy Industry relied on the company's cooperation with large international electric furnace manufacturers for many years, giving full play to its advantages, entering the international market, and actively participating in the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative. At present, the company has signed eight 33MVA aluminum silicon electric furnace projects with the National Mineral Resource Center of Kazakhstan, and signed two 63MVA ferrosilicon electric furnace projects with Georgian Qiertu Co., Ltd. Led by the core technology of electric furnaces, the company develops the domestic market in an all-round way. All 14 40.5MVA enclosed calcium carbide furnaces of Inner Mongolia Yidong Group Chemical Co., Ltd. contracted by Tiansheng Heavy Industry were put into use. The four 40.5MVA enclosed calcium carbide furnaces contracted for the first phase of Shaanxi Jinyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. have all been put into use, and the construction of two enclosed calcium carbide furnaces of the second phase has been completed in the form of general contract. In the past few years, Tiansheng Heavy Industry's products have covered Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Anhui, Yunnan and other places, and won the title of "Advanced Enterprise and Most Innovative Enterprise in China's Machinery Industry" and "Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise in Liaoning Province" "Jinzhou Meritorious Enterprise" and many other provincial and municipal awards, were included in the "13th Five-Year Plan" key enterprise of science and technology development by the Jinzhou Municipal Government. In 2017, the company bucked the trend and achieved an output value of 248 million yuan, a tax of 11.2 million yuan, and a profit of more than 7.55 million yuan. Actively build a harmonious home for workers The trade union of an enterprise is a bridge for communication

  • The environmental protection requirements of the calcium carbide industry are increasing, and calcium carbide preheating furnace technology may become an important magic weapon to alleviate the predicament of the calcium carbide industry


    In the next few years, the state will gradually impose a carbon dioxide emission tax (carbon tax) on industrial enterprises. Calcium carbide, as a high energy consumption and high pollution industry, will be severely affected by carbon taxes. According to calculations calculated by the Technology Department of the Calcium Carbide Industry Association, the current average carbon dioxide emissions per ton of calcium carbide produced in the calcium carbide industry is about 3.7 tons. In 2014, the 26 million tons of calcium carbide produced 96.2 million tons of carbon dioxide. The carbon tax standard will be gradually increased from 10 yuan/ton to 100 yuan/ton, and the future carbon tax alone will be as high as 9.6 billion yuan, which will swallow all the profits of the calcium carbide industry.    In 2014, in order to promote the upgrading of the calcium carbide industry, reduce energy consumption and reduce air pollution, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Access Conditions for Calcium Carbide Industry (2014 Revised Edition)". The main contents are as follows: Newly built or expanded calcium carbide production equipment must enter the industrial park and have corresponding downstream industries to support it; existing calcium carbide production enterprises must enter the industrial park by the end of 2020, and form a close relationship with the nearby downstream industries to enable calcium carbide production The generated pollutants, by-products, residues, etc. can be comprehensively treated and utilized.   Implement total control of calcium carbide production capacity. In principle, it is forbidden to build new calcium carbide projects. New calcium carbide production capacity must be replaced by equal or reduced quantities, and the replaced capacity must be dismantled before the new capacity is built. Strengthen technological progress and accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity.    Newly built or rebuilt or expanded calcium carbide production equipment must use advanced closed calcium carbide furnaces, the capacity of a single furnace is not less than 40,000 kVA, and the total construction capacity (built at one time) must be greater than 150,000 kVA.   To build or renovate and expand the calcium carbide production equipment per ton of calcium carbide (300 liters/kg equivalent) electric furnace power consumption ≤ 3200 kWh, comprehensive energy consumption ≤ 1.0 ton of standard coal. The existing calcium carbide production equipment must meet the above standards by the end of 2015. After the implementation of the new national standard "Energy Consumption Quota per Product of Calcium Carbide", it shall be implemented in accordance with the new national standard.    Calcium carbide furnace gas must be 100% recycled and comprehensively utilized to encourage use in the production of high value-added chemical products. From the above conditions, we can see the country's determination to control the overcapacity of calcium carbide, save energy consumption of calcium carbide, and reduce air pollution. New energy consumption standards and regulations such as 100% recycling of calcium carbide furnace gas have raised the entry barrier for new furnaces, and will eliminate a batch of technologically backward calcium carbide furnaces. In the future, new technologies such as closed calcium carbide furnaces and tail gas recovery technologies will become The rigid requirements of the new furnace project.   The calcium carbide preheating furnace technology can effectively alleviate the predicament of the calcium carbide industry The new calcium carbide preheating furnace technology is a supporting technology for calcium carbide production independently developed by Shenwu Industrial Furnace. This technology integrates regenerative radiant tube heating technology and annular preheating furnace device. It is based on the "new calcium carbide preheating" developed by Shenwu Industrial Furnace. Furnace system" forms a new process for calcium carbide production.    Shenwu calcium carbide preheating furnace technology advantages Compared with the traditional coal chemical process, low-cost acetylene, synthesis gas, natural gas, artificial petroleum, etc. produced by the Shenwu new calcium carbide acetylene process are used as raw materials to synthesize methanol, gasoline and diesel, olefins, aromatics, and For important energy chemical products such as natural gas and ethylene glycol, the investment per unit product can be reduced by more than 70%, energy conversion efficiency can be increased by more than 20% to 30%, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by more than 20%, and water consumption by more than 50%. The overall production cost of the company can be reduced by about 30%.    At present, the average price of calcium carbide in the country is about 2,460 yuan/ton, while the production cost of calcium carbide under the traditional calcium carbide process is ab

  • Lessons from the flash explosion accident of calcium carbide furnace, pay close attention to post-holiday safety production-china coal (coal mine) news network


    Shaanxi Coal Shenmu Coal Chemical Energy Company held a special meeting to earnestly learn from the lessons of the space flash explosion accident in the calcium carbide furnace No. 5 of the calcium carbide division of Xinjiang Yihua Chemical Co., Ltd., Changji Prefecture, Xinjiang Autonomous Region, and pay close attention to safety after the holiday. To At the meeting, the Safety Production and Environmental Protection Department of Shaanxi Coal and Shenmu Coal Chemical Energy Company first notified the cause and course of the accident and the serious consequences that caused 2 deaths, 3 serious injuries, and 5 minor injuries on the spot, and required all branches to hold special meetings. To earnestly learn from accident experience and lessons, we must always tighten the string of safety production, be highly vigilant, learn from one another, seize the weak links, further carry out safety production inspections, effectively enhance the red line awareness, resolutely curb accidents, and protect the lives of employees . One is to earnestly organize the study of accident notifications to further learn the lessons of accidents. In particular, the electrochemical branch should use the time of the pre-class meeting to organize all employees to study accident notifications, raise awareness, recognize the situation, perform due diligence, and earnestly do the current safety production work. The second is to carry out a solid production safety inspection. Each branch company should attach great importance to safety inspections, strengthen organization and leadership, and hold special meetings to study safety production inspections. On the basis of carrying out safety inspections, mobilize, deploy and arrange again. The party and government leaders of each branch company must personally lead the team, and the management personnel of each department, workshop, team will go to the site to push the safety production inspection work in depth. The focus is on the safety and environmental protection department of each branch company and the company's production safety and environmental protection department to do a good job of safety production Inspection, supervision and management. In particular, the Electrochemical Branch must carefully inspect every link of the production process and carry out risk analysis activities in real time. The hidden dangers identified must be rectified immediately, and the equipment will never be allowed to operate with diseases. The third is to strengthen the rectification of hidden dangers. Each branch company earnestly strengthened the organization and leadership of the rectification of hidden accidents, strictly in accordance with the requirements of the "five implementation" of rectification of hidden accidents, clarified responsibilities, guaranteed funds, formulated plans, implemented measures, and rectified within a specified time. It is strictly forbidden to organize production before the rectification of major hidden dangers is completed. The fourth is to further strengthen the safety management of the first-phase desulfurization construction and trial run. Clean Energy Power Generation Branch's first phase of desulfurization enters the construction and trial production period. It must strictly implement the main person in charge and professional and technical personnel follow-up and shift system, keep abreast of process changes and equipment operation conditions, and deal with abnormal situations in time. Drive. The safety of the installation of the 1# desulfurization tower is the responsibility of the engineering department in conjunction with the supervision company and Jiangnan Environmental Protection. The trial production safety of the desulfurization 2# tower is the responsibility of the clean energy power generation branch and the company’s production and environmental protection department. The fifth is to strengthen employee safety education during special periods. Although the season has entered spring, the weather is still cold, which has a certain impact on personnel operations. In order to reduce the working time in cold weather, some employees often confirm that the work is not in place and the quality of work cannot be guaranteed, which may lead to accidents. happened. In addition, when the Spring Festival holiday was just taken, there are some friendships between employees and relatives and friends. Some employees may go to work after drinking, get tired, or get together with relatives and friends to bring about ideological fluctuations, which affects their attention at work. At the same time, every year after the Spring Festival, there is a period of frequent personnel turnover, which has a certain impact on the attention of personnel at work. Therefore, in addition to strengthening daily safety production education, more attention should be paid to safety production training for returning to work after the holiday, promptly reminding employees to take care of

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